About Me

Reese Nanavati

Who I Am

A New York-based (but often traveling) art and entertainment photographer, specializing in on-location candids and natural, in-the-moment portraits and promotional shots.

What I Do

My background is in marketing for entertainment, with a focus on performance and promo photography. I also handle a wide range of portraits, special events and other personal and corporate shoots. My goal is to provide lively, character-driven visuals that tell a story and capture the moment in a memorable, artistic style.

Since most of my jobs require me to be extremely unobtrusive, I can work quietly in the background without distracting those around me, while still being friendly and approachable enough to ensure that even the most camera-shy people are comfortable with me being there.

What I Love

I immensely enjoy every aspect of photography and the way that it allows me to look at the world. Every time I pick up my camera is a chance to try something new, and there are few things more satisfying than seeing how thrilled those efforts can make other people when they view the results. Besides, how many other jobs actually require you to rock out at a concert, smash a birthday cake and dress for the zombie apocalypse all in the same week?